Monday, July 30, 2012

Underwater Pool Advertising for Businesses

Pool graphics are a great way to promote your business. Realtors, marketing firms, event planners and party planners can all benefit from using underwater advertising. Pool graphics are easy to use and transport to various events, parties and locations.

Hold an open house and put your face on the pool floor. Shameless self promotion is a science and an art. Basically, you're putting your business card and contact information right in the line of vision. People who are shopping for homes and visiting Open House events will see your information and remember it.

Planning a corporate event? Marketing a new brand or product? Repetition is the main ingredient in any successful marketing campaign. What better way to put your name directly in front of peoples' faces than by having it big and bold right in the pool. Nobody will be able to walk by without noticing it.

Underwater pool graphics are gaining popularity in all sorts of parties and special event planning. Recently, was commissioned to print a custom swimming pool graphic for an engagement party. Not only was the couple thrilled, the pool graphic was a huge success and kept people talking for months after the fact. Not getting married? Who cares! You'll be the hit of any birthday party when you put a hilarious photo in the pool for all to see!

Pool graphics companies, like the folks at will work with you and help you create simple yet effective graphics to really stand up above the competition. Underwater advertising is a unique and extremely memorable way to get your name out there and promote a business. Anyone in business for themselves would be wise to use underwater pool advertisements at the next meeting or open house.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eau de Chlorine: An Homage to Pool Water

You know the smell ... When your bathing suits and other poolside accessories are released from their dungeon of winter storage for the first time, they have a unique smell that can only come from being locked inside a small confined space with other chlorinated objects. No, I'm not talking about mothballs and dank laundry. I'm talking about sunshine and barbecues and entire days spent outside with no social networking or cell phones or reality TV. Days without video games or relationship drama or deadlines. Some people say the beach is the best summer smell but in my opinion, it's thoroughly chlorinated spandex.

When I was a kid, I wasn't the most athletic tool in the shed. I was, however, encouraged to go outside and be active regardless of what that activity was. Most of the time it was just running around like a fool with a totally different scenario playing inside my head. I was forced to do things on my own and use my imagination rather than being handed entertainment on a silver platter (or screen) at whim. That's actually not the moral of this story. The point is, we (my siblings and I) were basically not allowed inside the house during the summer. We were outside from the time the sun came out until it went back down. My parents have a beautiful pool in the back yard that served up hours upon hours of entertainment on a daily basis. There's a whole world of magic under the water's surface, you just have to find it! We used to create the coolest worlds for ourselves just inside the pool walls. So if you ever see a kid flailing around in a pool or other body of water, they're probably having a total out of body awesome experience and you'd be wise not to disturb it. Nothing kills a kid's spirit more than fairy tale interruption. Also, if you don't have a pool, I highly recommend getting one. Yeah, just stop by the pool store on your way home from work tomorrow and pick one up. You'll thank me.

As I was saying before I digressed into memories of summers past, pulling last years' bathing suit out of the closet is my official start of the summer, complete with a good deep breath of that chemically enhanced scent. Who needs Memorial Day at the shore when you can spend the whole day sniffing used pool goods? Okay when you say it that way, it does sound a bit weird. Seriously though, next time you pull out those last season pool toys, give them a good whiff. Tell me it doesn't remind you of a happy, simpler time when every day was a new adventure and mermaids and dolphins and evil wizards existed right in your back yard.